Best Steakhouse PCB

Best Steakhouse

kc wright

12 weeks ago

This is the best steakhouse I’ve ever been to. And I’ve been to extremely expensive and world-renowned. restaurants.the steaks are aged in-house for a complex flavor and literally make me have feelings I can only describe as a food organism. Forget Flemmings, Ruth Chris, and the likes. If you are a true steak fan this is the place. You must try the NY Strip OMG and the prime rib served canon or regular all cooked medium rare of course. Why bother if cooked more than that might as well go to Texas Roadhouse for whatever the hell that steak is they are serving! Oh, the venison and stuffed qual soooo delicious!! The side salads are also very good yet very simple. The honey mustard poppyseed dressing is the way forward. All the other sides we’ve had all good but nothing to write about. The bread which is free to the table is made in-house and is amazing. The wine list is a complete disaster but it makes for funny conversation. Because most of the wines you more than likely would not buy if you’re into wine. Never the less we always manage to suck it down. The dessert…. We love the key lime pie made in-house. Service is above average with friendly and very accompanying staff. The bartender has been there many years and makes you feel wanted. Now the decor… yes it’s old school but that’s the charm. makes me feel you’re in an English pub or hunting lodge. This place rules love you boars head.